Frederick Matthias Alexander

F.M. Alexander 1869-1955

Francis Matthias Alexander developed an educational process known as The Alexander Technique. He was born in Australia in 1869, and started developing his technique in the 1890"s. The technique is known and taught worldwide and is still recognized for it"s overall health benefits.  "F.M." Alexander , as he liked to be called, passed away in London England in 1955. He wrote many books on his technique, such as 'Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual", in 1923, and 'The Use of The Self", in 1932.

Students of the technique include: writers, actors, musicians, intellectuals, equestrian riders, artists, athletes, and all types of professionals.                                                    To name a few;  George Bernard Shaw, Roald Dahl, Robertson Davies, John Cleese, Aldous Huxley, Paul Newman, William Hurt, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Kline, Nikolaas Tinbergen ( Nobel prize for Medicine ), Professor John Dewey( philosopher and educator), and many more. 

“The Alexander Technique stresses unification in an era of greater and greater medical specialization. Its educational system teaches people how to best use their bodies in ordinary action to avoid or reduce unnecessary stress and pain. It enables clients to get better faster and stay better longer. This is undoubtedly the best way to take care of the back and alleviate back pain.”

-Jack Stern, MD, PhD, Neurological Group of Westchester, White Plains, NY

"Alexander established not only the beginnings of a far reaching science of the apparently involuntary movements that we call reflexes, but a technique of correction or self-control which forms a substantial addition to our very slender resources in personal education."

- George Bernard Shaw, writer and Nobel prize laureate

"The Alexander Technique works ... I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pain or back pain."

- Roald Dahl, author

"It gives us all the things we have been looking for in a system of physical education: relief from strain due to maladjustment, and consequent improvement in physical and mental health, increased consciousness of the physical means to gain the ends proposed by the will and, along with this, a general heightening of consciousness on all levels...we cannot ask more from any system of physical education; nor, if we seriously desire to alter human beings in any desirable direction, can we ask any less."

- Aldous Huxley, author



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